Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a registry?

Your presence at the wedding is the biggest gift we could ask for! However, if you’re considering getting us a gift, we would be grateful for a small contribution towards a house downpayment or our honeymoon. You can visit our registry here >

Can I bring children to the wedding?

While we LOVE all your little ones, this will be an adults-only party. Children are more than welcome to join for the Friday night welcome dinner.

Do I need a car on Kea?

Yes. The island is bigger than one might expect and has limited buses and taxis. Therefore, to properly enjoy the island you will need a car. If you decide to rely on public transportation, buses connect the following places: Port (Korissia), Hora, Gialiskari, Vourkari, Otzias.

Pick up a free map of the island at the Information Center in the Port of Kea.  It will guide you around the island and provide directions to everything you need. There are no street names or house numbers in Kea.  If you are renting a house, ensure you get specific directions from your host and pay close attention so you can find it again after a day of exploring the island.

Does Uber work on Kea?


What happens if I miss the boat to Kea?

Have a drink in the port of Lavrio and wait for the next one!  If you miss the last boat to Kea, you will have to find a place to stay until the next day’s morning boat.

Lavrio has a little town (not very charming) but you can find tavernas and cafes  to kill the time. One taverna we like is Psarou located behind the Town Hall.

If the next boat is not for a few hours and you are feeling adventurous you can drive to Cape Sounio and visit the ancient temple of Poseidon which is a 20-minute drive from Lavrio.

What sort of shoes should women wear?

Heels are definitely not necessary! To get to the church you will have to walk a short dirt path so be comfortable. Also, the wedding ceremony will be standing as it will be outdoors and there is nowhere to sit. If you decide you want to wear heels we suggest wedges or thick heels. For sure bring flats for dancing!

What is the hospital/ medical center situation?

There is no hospital in Kea but there is a medical center in Hora. There are also two pharmacies, one in the port and one in Hora.

How big is the island?

Kea is 19 km (12 mi) long from north to south and 9 km (6 mi) wide from west to east. However, the island is very hilly and full of curves so driving around the island would take approximately two hours. A large number of the roads are dirt roads.